The last school tour for this year was also the last tour for our 6th class as primary school pupils. They went to Dunmore East Adventure Centre and had a wonderful time – apart from when a cheeky seagull stole a sandwich right off the lunch table! However neither the thieving bird nor the drizzly start to the day dampened anyone’s spirits, and we were so proud of how the children took part in the activities while keeping an eye out for anyone who needed encouragement or a helping hand. Thank you to Dunmore East Adventure Centre for minding us so well and making the day memorable for all the right reasons.

2nd and 3rd class went to Fota Wildlife Park for their school tour on 26th June. Fota is celebrating its 40-year anniversary. They got to see the latest addition to the park – a new baby giraffe – and to suggest some names for her. It was a great day and a lovely way to end the school year.

4th and 5th class travelled to Kilkenny for their school tour on 1st June. The first stop was Kilkenny Activity Centre. Click on the videos below to see some of the learning that happened that day – teamwork and collaboration, strategy and planning, bravery and resilience, compassion and encouragement – and also pure good fun!

Ms Hogan’s class and Mrs Duggan’s class visited Copper Coast Mini Farm on 15th May. Highlights included bottle-feeding lambs, hand-feeding donkeys and goats and llamas and sheep, petting rabbits and ponies – and just playing together in the fresh air and sunshine! Click on the video below to see some of the fun.